The T Walton Group was founded on the belief that STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is the most effective tool for solving complex problems affecting society today. In the past, STEAM has played a pivotal role in shaping the evolution of the world we know. Notable examples of STEAM in action include: 

The T Walton Group prides itself on creatively using STEAM to provide value added services to its customers and clients across a variety of industries. Our group presently provides three (3) primary services with strategic plans to expand into future synergistic business opportunities which will drive sustainable growth in the short and long term for the group. The three existing primary services are:

The T Walton Group STEAM Mentorship Program is a free online youth mentorship service that provides individualized advice and one-on-one coaching to students and youths interested in Science and Arts.

Tarick is excited to deliver creative yet inspiring presentations at institutional events across Jamaica, the U.S.A, and the globe. Each presentation consists of a unique combination of storytelling, oration, visual art and music. As an Advocate and Ambassador of STEAM, Tarick is available based on request to attend seminars, workshops and institutional events at all levels of the educational spectrum ranging from middle & high schools, to colleges & universities

Secrets From MIT, Tennis & The Umpire Above: 10 Lessons From A Poor Jamaican Boy Who Never Gave Up On The Court.
Driven by the love for storytelling, this inspirational autobiography is written in the form of real-life short stories that creatively describe the top 10 most valuable life lessons that Tarick learned while growing up in Jamaica and experiencing overwhelming challenges at MIT.
With a lifelong passion for Tennis which is arguably the most mentally and physically demanding single player sport, this novel is complemented by extraordinary stories, accomplishments and factual statistics in Tennis to demonstrate the importance and validity of each lesson in Life & Sports.