Effective Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

Effective Teamwork makes the Dream Work!

"The most important factor for success that I've learnt and experienced at MIT, Georgetown and in the public / private sector is effective teamwork" - Tarick T. Walton

The value of teamwork is magnified exponentially with a diverse, talented and engaged team of problem solvers. The T Walton Group was co-founded by a team of experienced Global Advisors who all possess diverse talents garnered from unique professional experiences and cultures. Each Global Advisor functions both as an executive team member and problem solver. This allows the group to think outside-the-box to discover creative ways to achieve sustainable growth.

Name: Kevin Bae

Home Country: South Korea

Experience: 10+ Years in Finance, Banking, Education and Social Impact Projects

Hobbies + Interest: Sports, Trumpet, Music and Volunteering

Education: Indiana University (B.S. in Finance), Georgetown University (M.B.A. in Management & Social Entrepreneurship - Summa Cum Laude)

Global Experience: South Korea, Canada, U.S.A. and Spain

Name: Michèle Oshima

Home Country: U.S.A.

Experience: 21+ Years in Arts Management & University Administration (MIT, Babson and Brandeis University)10 Years in International Business (Shipping, Import/Export, Software)

Hobbies + Interest: Reading, Trumpet, Puzzles & Games

Education: Wellesley College (B.A. in Economic Development)

Global Experience: International Experience spanning 6 continents (North & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia)

Name: Tarick Walton

Home Country: Jamaica

Experience: 15+ Years in Education, Mentorship, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Project Management

Hobbies + Interest: Piano, Singing, Visual Art, Tennis, Reading, Public Speaking and spending time with wife Chelsea & Family

Education: MIT (B.Sc.), Georgetown University (M.B.A. - Global Social Enterprise Initiative Student Leader)

Global Experience: Jamaica, Caribbean, U.S.A., Europe & Asia 

Name: Robert Helterbran

Home Country: U.S.A.

Experience: 7+ Years in Event Management and International Education

Hobbies + Interest: Music and Volunteering

Education: University of Virginia (B.A. in Foreign Affairs), Georgetown University (M.B.A. in Management & Certificate in Refugees and Humanitarian Emergencies)

Global Experience: North & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia

Name: Pavithra Raj

Home Country: India, U.S.A.

Experience: 10+ Years in Law, Negotiation and International Business

Hobbies + Interest: Music, Visual Art and Volunteering

Education: University of Miami (B.A.), Nova Southeastern University - Shepard Broad Law Center (J.D.), Georgetown University (M.B.A.)

Global Experience: India, South Africa, U.S.A. and Spain

Name: Amuche Nwokolo

Home Country: Nigeria

Experience: 10+ Years in Business Development, Technology, Operations, Education and Strategy

Hobbies + Interest: Dance, Music and Volunteering

Education: University of Nigeria (B.Sc. in Computer Science and Mathematics), Georgetown University (M.B.A. - Community Fellow & Merit Scholar)

Global Experience: Nigeria, Africa, U.S.A. and Spain

Name: Graham Rowe

Home Country: Jamaica

Experience: 7+ Years in Entreprenuership, Government Contracting and Project Management

Hobbies + Interest: Music, Chess, Reading, Philosophy and Volunteering

Education: University of the West Indies (B.S. in Finance + Banking)

Global Experience:  Jamaica, U.S.A. and Caribbean